Finland / Norway - Destination Arctic Ocean


8 jours / 7 nuits / 6 étapes / 1 000 km

Finland / Norway - Off Road

Last updated: 17/12/2021

price from 3200 €

A fantastic ride from the Arctic polar circle to the northern most point in Norway.
The landing runway is white and icy but as the plane confidently lands, it creates a white whirlwind of frozen snowflakes… Far away, one can imagine a herd of wolfs howling…

The sun rays glitter and reflect on the snowdrifts and as we drive over immense frozen Lake Inari, Lapland’s 1080 km2 sacred lake, golden dust twists and twirls in the wake of our vehicles. As we will navigate across the immaculate white desert, tracing our very own tracks, we will feel both slightly anxious and very thrilled as we drive off into the unknown…

Your day by day program
Day 1 - Arrival in Rovaniemi

After landing in Rovaniemi, a shuttle will transfer the passengers to Luosto, a ski resort located north of the Arctic Polar Circle, about an hour's drive away.
Dinner (if time of arrival allows).
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 2 / Stage 1 – Luosto – Tankavaara: 160 km

No words can describe the gargantuan breakfast right in front of our eyes: wild salmon, reindeer meat, yellow raspberries from the tundra, all sorts of cheese and a huge variety of homemade bread and jam, eggs, nuts and so much more...
Then, handing out of the complete equipment for the safari and briefing on security measures and snowmobile driving.
And off we go, headed north...
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 3 / Stage 2 – Tankavaara – Inari: 130 km

We continue our journey heading north towards Ukonjärvi, and have lunch out in the open. As we reach Lake Inari, we are spell-bound by the orange hues reflected off the powder snow covering the huge frozen lake. The journey unfolds under a magical light.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 4 / Stage 3 – Inari – Neiden: 170 km

After crossing Lake Inari, we continue to head north and cross the border with Norway.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Ask your guide to take you to the nearest fishing port. The visit is worthwhile! Stroll along the wharf and watch the fishing boats prepare to leave around 10 pm. It's like a scene from a comic series... Blake and Mortimer could be hiding away waiting to catch Colonel Olrik...

Day 5 / Stage 4 – Neiden – Neiden (a small loop in Norway): 90 km

A Norwegian guide takes over today, which is the shortest stage of our trip. The landscape is ragged but we continue to drive over the tundra and its typical vegetation as we soar towards higher grounds, then plunge towards a valley and past a frozen waterfall, tackle yet another climb before driving down a steep glistening slope. The surrounding views are breathtaking. For those very brave travelers who are willing to try it, now would be the time to take a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 6 / Stage 5 – Neiden – Saariselkä: 230 km

Back in Finland, our journey continues through the tundra. The track weaves its way around bare mountains passing by canyons and frozen valleys. Infinite,
remote expanses of white land transport us to another dimension. Nature glistens in all its glory in an immaculate white and transparent light!
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 7 / Stage 6 – Saariselkä – Luosto: 220 km

Lakes and forests follow one another. The journey unfolds at a higher pace.
Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 8 - Departure from Rovaniemi

Transfer back to Rovaniemi Airport.


Departures for groups formed on request

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Rovaniemi (Finland)
  • Rovaniemi (Finland)
Level of difficulty
  • To pilot a snowmobile all you need is a category B driver's license. Although one might initially find these vehicles slightly intimidating, you will find they are easy to handle. Furthermore, there is no need to fear the cold since the equipment provided in situ is excellent.
    TWO UP? We do not advise you to travel two up given the very long stretches of off-road driving.


Guide and luggage
  • A local English-speaking tour leader accompanies the group on his own snowmobile. He will carry some tools, spares, survival equipment and other pharmaceutical items, among other things. He is also particularly experienced in this field and an outdoor survival expert.  Each pilot will be carrying his own luggage on his snowmobile.
  • Single room supplement for nights 1 and 7 : 125€
  • • Lodging:
         o hotels, in twin rooms or small traditional bungalows,
         o from the evening of day 1 to the morning of the last day,
    • Food:
         o breakfast, lunch and dinner,
         o from the evening of day 1 to the morning of the last day,
    • Support:
         o a local English speaking tour leader,
    • Equipment for the cold (helmet, goggles, snow overall, boots, gloves),
    • A snowmobile,
    • Fuel for the snowmobile,
    • Shuttles to and from the airport and hotel.
Not included
  • Air fares to and from Finland,
  • Snowmobile Arctic Cat 550 or equivalent.
    Its caterpillar tracks are larger than those used in Quebec, for instance, allowing the vehicles to travel off-road. 
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