France - Blue Provence

Pavement - Guided

3 days / 2 nights / 3 stages / 615 km

France - Pavement

Last updated: 10/12/2022

price from 1355 €
passenger price 1290 €

Traveling off the beaten path, this excursion offers a generous insight into an array of unimaginable landscapes. The itinerary chosen immerses itself into the deepest areas of this renowned region allowing the traveler to discover a secret Provence.
As if flirting with the sky, a dreamy road dances its way across and around seemingly infinite mountain ridges, almost touching the Alpine foothills and making the most of the clearest and purest air. Once again, Trail Rando allows the traveler to delight in a motorcycle tour that unfolds in total harmony with its surrounding landscape.
As if bathed in surreal light, a gateway opens onto a new dimension….
From the very first spin of the wheels and the first change of gears, this spell-binding excursion sets off joyously into a land of majestic grandeur. Slowly at first but later gathering speed, the traveler takes off to a biking Nirvana…

Your day by day program
Day 1 / Stage 1 - 215 km

Our lodging sits elegantly at an altitude of 635m, and offers a 180km panoramic view, taking in 3 geographical departments. This will be the center from which our three loops set off to discover the different stunning aspects of Provence.
Scattered along the itinerary, a string of remarkable and peaceful villages to visit and enjoy. Entrecasteaux, Villecroze-les-Grottes or Collobrières hold a series of historical and architectural treasures that are well worth a visit.
Right from the start, our itinerary plunges towards a series of wooded slopes; then after a prancing through a vineyard, it continues to dance around and through clumps chestnut and eucalyptus trees, cork oaks, green oaks and other species…
Set in the very heart of an immense, thick, scented forest, Collobrières is renowned for exporting edible chestnuts and cork. Niched in a cove of River Réal-Collobrier, it also features an abundance of megalithic sites, ancient chestnut trees, an active monastery, among other interesting highlights! An ancient stone bridge spans the river’s transparent waters. Scattered across the village, small squares offer the visitor a spot to rest in the shade of the ubiquitous chestnut trees. Narrow cobblestone streets take the visitor through the oldest parts of town. The lookout at Notre Dame des Anges offers a sumptuous view onto the surrounding land and a glimpse of the Mediterranean sea. A crocodile floats on the ceiling of the chapel!
Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 2 / Stage 2 - 230 km

You will reach the village of Ampus before the early mist has risen!
This village sits at an altitude of 600 m on the Canjuers plateau; time seems at a stand-still as one walks under and through its many arches and vaulted passageways. A visit to the local cheese stop is a must before hitting the road again!
After a short ride, you will find yourself within the walls of yet another medieval city, dangerously perched on the very edge of cliff, on the Nartuby gorges. Chateaudouble is very aptly nick-named “Eagle nest” and one can often observe the majestic flight of the royal eagle.
The itinerary continues through typical olive plantations. A network of secondary roads allows the traveler to enjoy the ride and make the most of a variety of landscapes and colors before climbing towards the heights and swerving through prestigious plateaus and their ruin-like rock formations.
Heading back to the hotel, the fun driving is not over as the bikes cling to the surface of the Verdon Gorges cliff roads!
Overnight stay in the hotel.

Day 3 / Stage 3 - 170 km

Today's loop can only make the traveler's heart smile as the colorful impressions of one of France's most beautiful regions continue to impress. The bikes prance easily from hill to hill. An infinity of sweet smelling lavender fields cover the expanse of the Valensole plateau.


Departures for groups formed on request

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Tourtour
  • Tourtour
Level of difficulty
  • This tour is comprised of a network of picturesque roads, sometimes windy, sometimes straight and easy-going making it accessible to all bikers and all bikes, alone or two-up. However, a powerful sports motorcycle might not be the best choice given the number of bends and curves you will encounter.
Guide and luggage
  • A Trail Rando staff member will accompany you on his own motorbike.
  • There's a definite feeling of freedom about this journey. To preserve the spirit of exploration and discovery that we wanted to create, we've put you in control.
    For this reason, and so that everyone truly plays a part in their own journey, we provide an uploadable GPS file with the entire itinerary. This technology allows you to be totally independent.
    Thanks to this wonderful tool, everyone has the freedom to go on ahead, to be carried along by their artistic inspirations, or to stay with their friends, knowing that as a general rule the Trail Rando motorcycle guide will be looking out for the team at the rear.
    “Free people in a structured group” is the motto that accurately reflects the reality of a Trail Rando trip.

    Trail Rando will provide you with the different stages of this trip in order for you to upload them onto your personal GPS. This will include main points such as points of interest, petrol stations, lunch meeting points and accommodation.
  • Single room supplement. : 190€
Rental vehicles
  • Yamaha XT1200Z : 670.00€
  • Yamaha XT660R : 610.00€
  • Lodging:
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
         o from the evening of the first stage, to the morning of the last stage
    • Food:
         o Breakfast, lunch and dinner,
         o from the morning of the first stage to midday of the last stage,
    The GPS device with the trip's complete track ,
       o a Trail Rando staff member on his own bike.
Not included
  • Transportation :
         o To and from tour start,
         o Vehicle transportation to and from tour start,
  • With which motorcycle ?
    Any road motorcycle or small, medium or large sized trail bike is perfectly suited for this trip.
    What kind of tires ?
    Usually the OEM tires are perfect, but any mixed road tires are suitable.
    Other vehicles
    It is also possible to follow this itinerary with a car.
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