Greece - Destination Méteora

Mixed tracks - Self-Guided - 6 stages

8 days / 7 nights / 6 stages / 1 300 km

Greece - Mixed Tracks

Last updated: 19/11/2021

price from 1250 €
passenger price 1250 €

The magic starts from the very first moment: the mild evenings, uninterrupted views, fabulous roads, charming little villages frozen in time, ancient rocks with many stories to tell...
And last but not least, the kind of welcome that only the Greeks can offer. Simple but sincere and always warm, it's almost worth making the trip just for that!
 As far back as our roaming travels can take us, we can honestly say now
that our enchanted escape to Greece takes us to dizzying heights and is one of our most beautiful getaways. It truly manages to combine the pleasure of exploration with the ultimate in relaxed surroundings.
Escape ! Get to Greece right away !

Your day by day program
Day 1 / Ferry arrival in Patras

The ferry gently weaves its way robot-like between the Greek islands, 3 degrees starboard, 4 degrees port side... After the relaxing and idyllic 24-hour crossing, the boat offloads its colourful crowd into organised chaos. As soon as we exit the port, an old and dusty road leads us away from the hullabaloo. A ravaged coastline heralds the Peloponnese mountains...
The hotel is a short fifteen or so kilometres away. Across from the setting sun, the pool dissolves into the blue-toned waves of the Adriatic… On the beach, pine trees press up to the sea, dipping their branches in the water. This is the setting of our first evening on Greek soil.

Day 2 / Stage 1 - Patras - Loutraki : 310 km

As soon as the wheels start to turn, hills flecked with aromatic herbs reach up to the horizon. You can smell the fresh air and pure scents. Just savour your freedom. From time to time, the asphalt snake sheds its skin to become an accessible route that guides us beneath the heady scents of mingled fig trees and eucalyptus trees.
After Lake Pinios, a smooth little track meanders through the reddish earth towards ancient oaks, quickly transporting us to an Equatorial African landscape!
At the edge of a mountain stream, zigzagging its way to Klitoria, a tiny road is hidden from view by a canopy of remarkable trees, mostly maples and planes.
Beyond the waterfall, the trail climbs resolutely, weaving in and out of a large variety of resinous trees: Douglas firs, pines, spruces... And then, in one fell swoop, our travels for the day take us across the Corinth Canal and wash up on the shores of Loutraki.

Day 3 / Satge 2 - Loutraki - Aliki : 130 km

Wahooo, it's so beautiful we just want to stay here! The views, the scenery, are ever more dazzling. What a stage!
The trails are beautiful, sweet, smooth, palpable… The views we're following now, up high, overlook an incredible turquoise bay. Does such a thing really exist?
The sun is hot. But, craftily, our route regularly ducks into the cool undergrowth. Apart from a few birds of prey circling over our helmets, it's deserted. A sort of paradise on earth...
Incessantly yoyoing, the route soars up to the summits only to plunge back down just as quickly into a new cove... Invigorated with sea air, it regains momentum and immediately catapults to the panorama on the other side.
Resting on the shores of this forgotten bay, our hotel looks out over the horizon...
In an authentic fishermen's restaurant, dinner is served overlooking the waves. An out-of-this-world setting and ambience guaranteed!

Day 4 / Stage 3 - Aliki - Thermios : 250 km

The route begins at the centre of the world: Delphi. For as far as the eye can see, the city looks out on a landscape of row after row of olive groves.
Water shoots down between two rocky edges towards the warm, blue-tinged water. A handful of houses and a wonderful fisherman's hut-turned-café nestle on the shore. On a balcony above the lapping water, with a side dish of Greek salad, we are served fried calamari by Kati, the beautiful Albanian from Itea.

Day 5 / Stage 4 - Thermios - Météora : 250 km

Set course for the Metéora! We're swiftly into a real aerial route, challenging the almost inaccessible mountain peaks. From time to time, a cutting in the rocky barrier lets us weave in and out of the narrow gorges.
The local restaurant, perched above the little streets of this delightful village worn away by the sands of time, is yet another heart-stopper. Evi, who serves us her deliciously cooked dishes on the terrace, is also a slice of happiness. Between forkfuls, the flawless mountain tops towering above us at more than 2500 metres high seem so close in the clearness of the air...
Our trail then traces several arabesques on the alpine pastures facing us. A patched-up bridge trembles across the water course. At 5 km/h, our wheels make the beams knock and the planks shake like frenzied keys on a piano

Day 6 / Stage 5 - Météora - Kapesovo : 150 km

Have you ever seen gigantic hippopotamus teeth? And we mean gigantic, huge, the 200 metres tall kind... Perched atop the green valley and built at the beginning of the 11th Century by probably slightly eccentric monks, these incredible monasteries play at tightrope walkers on the titanic yet gently flowing rocks. Leaving these magical and captivating places without a nod to these astonishing religious buildings would be unthinkable.
The charming Natalia (Hotel Lihios) will have prepared a picnic lunch for everyone as today, with the labyrinth to get through, food service is not on the agenda... Our path zigzags to the foot of the peaks. Further on, a rustic short-cut follows a dirt track
to the region of Zagoria, slashed by deep gorges.
In this wild rocky setting, daring stone houses cling on to the precipitous walls.
The air is suddenly charged with humidity. The wind carries the coolness from a nearby, glistening expanse of water... Another, sprawling lake stretches out along the contorted landscape. Twilight sets in. Up there on the mountain, a few remaining glimmers guide us to Kapesovo, a real Alice in Wonderland village...

Day 7 / Stage 6 - Kapesovo - Syvota : 210 km

Mixed seasonal fruits, elderberry jam on the side, warm citrus marmalade, compote of garden figs, a few grapes from the family vines, home-made pastries, and second-to-none service: our breakfast on the terrace is quite simply gargantuan and divine. Not a sound, not a murmur can be heard from the hamlet. You'd want to make time stand still. But the region is calling us to go and explore some more…
We put our helmets back on. A few traditional villages cling on here and there to the dizzying verticals above the narrow passes. Between the almost 3000-metre high summits, a small jaunty road now tickles the high rocky indented line that signals the Albanian border. A tarmac road weaves around without ever allowing fifty metres' respite.
Suddenly the sea is at our feet again.

Day 8 / Liaison Syvota - Embarking at Igoumenitsa

Boarding at 9am.
A tantalising lunch is served in the air-conditioned restaurant on deck seven.
We stop for a moment… On the gangway, the sun shines gently. With a good book, the gentle breeze is just so pleasant…


From may through october

Technical information
Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Patras (Peloponese)
  • Syvota
Number of people
  • Even if we recommend always riding in pairs, you could start this trip alone
Level of difficulty
  • Who can take part?
    The trip is composed of small and smallest roads and there is no diffuculty whatsoever. It is therefore accessible to all drivers and all motorcycles, alone or two-up.
Guide and luggage
  • You wish to be totally independent and have therefore have chosen an unguided tour, with your own departure dates.
    All lodging is reserved and confirmed by us and will be waiting for you.

    Your GPS-device is set to follow the track.
    Trail Rando provides each rider with one device, with useful information, such as, the complete GPS itinerary, hotels, restaurants, gas stations etc...
  • Single room supplement
    If the group is an uneven number, one single supplement will be invoiced to one of you, or split between everybody. : 210€
  • Lodging
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
    If the group is an uneven number, one single supplement will be invoiced to one of you, or split between everybody.
         o from the evening of the first stage, to the morning of the last stage
    Food :
         o Breakfast
         o from the morning of the first stage to midday of the last stage,
    The GPS device with the trip's complete track and handlebar support, the user's manual and a phone briefing for its propper use.
Not included
  • Transportation :
         o To and from tour start,
         o Vehicle transportation to and from tour start,
    Lunch, dinners and beverages
  • With which motorcycle ?
    Ideally, any trail motorcycle from 600 to 1200 cm3 is suitable for this trip.
    What kind of tires ?
    Mixted tires with knobbies
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