Laos - Following the Mékong
Off Road - Guided

10 days / 9 nights / 8 stages / 1500 km
Laos - Off Road

price from 3195 €

Nothing compares to driving along an elephant track and reaching the lake where these huge creatures like to bathe: it’s a true plunge into the jungle! Throughout this journey you will be under the impression of having entered a surreal world, where the anecdotes you hear about, intrinsic to the jungle, swim around in your head, stressing how far you really are from the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home. With an ever present luxuriant green canopy hovering above one’s head, this trip follows the Mekong River like a proverbial golden thread. With each ferry crossing, a new welcome awaits the traveler from the ever smiling warm hearted villagers.
The air is sweet and balmy!
The Laotian forests are particularly beautiful and exuberant in their wilderness. Zigzaging between rice fields and pagodas, a network of tracks takes you to a jungle inhabited by multicolored birds, or up steep mountains or even through quiet plateaus…


Your day by day program

Day 1 – Landing in Vientiane

Located on the shores of the River Mekong, Vientiane will allow the traveler to plunge into the unique atmosphere so typical to this part of the world. As the sun sets, the temperatures drop quite significantly.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2 / Stage 1 – Vientiane – Paklai: 215 km

With Thailand on the opposite shore of the river, our itinerary runs along the shore of the Mekong river over an 80 km stretch and all the way to the village of Sanakham. After a pleasant rest, you will take off again and this time the itinerary will zigzag across a stretch of uneven and rugged land. The views are astonishing!
A paved road snakes resolutely down towards Paklai.
A rudimentary ferry will take you across the Mekong.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3 / Stage 2 - Paklai – Sayabouri: 195 km

After a good old Laotian coffee, the team takes off heading towards the very heart of a virgin forest, having left all paved roads behind! The Nam Pouy National Park welcomes the traveler into its luxuriously thick green jungle!
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 4 / Stage 3 - Sayabouri – Luang Prabang: 130 km

Today’s itinerary almost touches the border with Thailand, as it travels towards and around peaks and through peaceful little mountain villages that seem to hang from the slopes, clinging on for dear life! Suddenly, the track forks and you will be taking a tiny narrow path towards the remotest peaks and over the Mekong River. And there, in the very middle of nowhere, are the vestiges of Luang Prabang: an ancient royal capital city featuring thousands of temples and a Unesco World Heritage site, once restored by Versailles. Colonial houses and games of “pétanque” remind us of the French influence.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 5 / Stage 4 - Luang Prabang – Viengthong: 225 km

After taking a last look at the temples, our team will valiantly hit the road again to tackle yet another day of rugged and steep landscapes and enjoy the whole palette of greens and ocres it has to offer.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 6 / Stage 5 - Viengthong – Phongsavanh: 150 km

Once the river has been crossed, the team is headed for new discoveries. The itinerary will take you through another mountain range before plunging resolutely towards the mythical Plain of Jars. Its mystery can only compare to that of Easter Island!
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 7 / Stage 6 - Phongsavanh – Paksan: 270 km

The team is ready to go as the first rays of sun shine upon the plain and, heading due east, the GPSs are set to take you to the famous Ho Chi Minh trail. Emotions run high as the mono-cylinders soon brush against the border with Vietnam. The track seems to wiggle its way up to a height of 2 000 m before it begins its descent into a thick jungle and over a myriad of puddles and streams. Snaking through the tropical forest, today’s itinerary will take you all the way to sparkling prairies.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 8 / Stage 7 - Paksan – Ban Keun : 185 km

The disorderly village market is full of life. Coffee is hastily gulped down as the engines starts roaring and the traveler hears the “call of the wild”. A dense green tunnel burrows through the bamboo forests and jungle undergrowth as if taken from a classical children’s book! Here and there, ridges of fech fech remind the drivers that they must remain focused at all times! The landscape is just stunning! Suddenly you will come across the rapid waters of a wide and deep river… A ferry emerges from the undergrowth to take the travelers and their bikes safely to the opposite shore. The itinerary then continues through the Hmong region.
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 9 / Stage 8 - Ban Keun – Vientiane: 130 km

The Phou Khao Kway National Park is known for its lakes and fine smelling pine forests. This stage is probably slightly more technical in terms of the off-road riding. A series of streams trickle towards the lake. The track jiggles and bounces around rocks, climbs up a steep and slippery slope, slides down numerous inclines, tackles the odd fallen trees, crosses through a forest allowing the traveler to catch a glimpse of the surrounding landscape in between the scattered trees.
Our grand finale is as spectacular as the rest of the journey. The team is now experienced in off-road riding and more self-assured and with that in mind, tackles a last twirling stretch of road clinging bravely to the mountains, as in a roller-coaster. Ventiane awaits the traveler at the foot of the cliff!
At midday the engines are shut down and after this amazing adventure, the traveler can enjoy a well-deserved rest and a last look over the Mekong River!
Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 10 – Take offf from Vientiane

Trip back to your home country.


Departure Return Price Guaranteed departure
17 February 2021 26 February 2021 3195 € 6 drivers required Book
05 November 2021 14 November 2021 3195 € 6 drivers required Book


Technical information

Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Vientiane
  • Vientiane
Level of difficulty
  • The itinerary is composed of a majority of easy-going, rider-friendly tracks. However, and this is important, any heavy shower will turn the surface into a virtual skating rink! Off-road experience is highly recommended in order to embark upon this trip with peace of mind!
Guide and luggage
  • A Trail Rando guide will supervise the team on board their own vehicle.
    At the same time, a chase vehicle will transport your luggage between stages every day. They will travel by road with regular meeting points along the route.
    They can also pick up a rider and vehicle in the event of breakdown or exhaustion. The team also has a basic first aid kit, tools, some spare parts and is able to lend a hand if required.
    There's a definite feeling of freedom about this trip. And to preserve the spirit of exploration and discovery that we wanted to create, we've put you in control.
    For this reason, and so that everyone truly plays a part in their own journey, we provide an uploadable GPS file with the entire itinerary.
    This technology allows you to be totally independent.
    With the wonderful tool that is GPS, everyone has the freedom to go on ahead, to be carried along by their artistic inspirations, or to stay with their friends, knowing that as a general rule the TrailRando motorcycle guide will be looking out for the team at the rear.
    What a pleasure it is to follow your own course!
    “Free people in a structured group” is the motto that accurately reflects the reality of a TrailRando trip.
    The route is safely stored stage by stage on the GPS...
    Before you start your trip, Trail Rando will provide you with the total uploadable GPS itinerary. The entire route and its main points such as sites of interest, petrol stations, lunch meeting points and accommodation are programmed into the GPS.
    If you do not own a GPS, Trail Rando can rent you one.
  • GPS rental (including handlebar support and complete uploaded itinerary) : 60€
  • Lodging
         o hotels, in twin rooms,
         o from the evening of the first stage, to the morning of the last stage
    • Food:
         o Breakfast, lunch, dinner
         o from the morning of the first stage to midday of the last stage,
    The uploadable GPS complete track,
    Tour leaders:
         o A tour leader on his motorcycle,
         o Support vehicle for luggage transport
    Motorbike rental
    Fuel for the motorbike
Not included
  • Trasportation
         o Passenger transportation to and from tour start:
              - Air fares to and from tour start ,
              - transfers from the airport to the hotel and back,
    Traveling Visa
  • Type of motorcycles provided
    Normally you will be given a 250 cm3 off-road motorbike. Given the kind of tracks you will be taking and the numerous streams you will be driving through, the agility and lightness of the bike are of utmost importance. You will not have the latest off-road bike at your disposal (which is simply non-existent in the country!) but a simple bike, perfectly serviced, and perfectly adapted to the type of terrain you will be traveling through. The mere fact of traveling on two wheels, will allow you to discover places no other vehicle can reach.
    To know precisely the available makes and models, please refer to our online booking form.
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